If you are looking for database and website solutions for your organisation that will help you with your work to bring about change and make things better, then please take a look through some of our Case Studies to see the breadth of organisations and the diversity of projects that we have delivered over the last few years.


Case Studies

ABA logoABA required a migration of their many existing systems under one umbrella. Drupal and CiviCRM were chosen. The project has spanned training systems, documentation systems, membership management, professional conferences, Breastfeeding Welcome Here directories, ecounselling services and much more.

This project began from a need to integrate a Mambo 'library' and a hand-crafted html site.

Living Streets site

The migration was simplified through the use of modules including Views Bulk Operations to help with reclassifying the old cataloguing system in to one that made sense under the Drupal Taxonomy approach.

AFS NZ originally need a site for their Alumni to help rebuild connections, fundraise, organise events and conferences. There were also requirements for a library of old press articles on students exchanges.


This was followed by a request to provide them a similarly themed Pasikifa site.