fuzion is a niche Wellington-based business, delivering open source goodies to clients around the globe. Our focus on Drupal and CiviCRM kicked off in 2007 and we have been deploying sites for clients in New Zealand and around the world since then.


Peter Davis

Peter has worked in politics, communications and research. His passion is helping organisations and businesses develop and implement the strategies that will help them achieve their mission more effectively.

"It's about helping business and organisations that are 'doing good' do it better."

Peter has been a communications manager in the not-for-profit sector and has considerable experience in advocacy and research related to environmental and sustainability issues. He also has a strong background in writing for public consumption, both for the web, newsletters and books.


Eileen McNaughton

Eileen is a key contributor within the CiviCRM community. She has been working with CiviCRM for 6 years starting with release 1.9 and in that time has contributed significant amounts of code to core, helped many people on IRC and the forum, helped write the first CiviCRM manual and been a technical reviewer for the book Using CiviCRM.

Eileen has been a leader in developing the CiviCRM api, has developed extensions for several payment processors and reports and has led the effort to provide long term Drupal 6 support with CiviCRM. She is an strong advocate of unit tests and has written many unit tests for the core CiviCRM codebase.

Her knowledge of accounts & accounting systems has also proven beneficial in the context of CiviCRM and our project of integrating it with Xero.

Github, Drupal.org, CiviCRM


Torrance Hodgson

Torrance has a passion for writing lean, clean code. Prior to working with Fuzion his biggest Drupal project was for indymedia.org.nz. He also has significant experience in other areas of web development, such as semantic and standards compliant HTML, advanced CSS styling, frontend javascript using the jQuery library, and LAMP-stack management. Drupal.org, Github


Chris Burgess

Chris was the brains behind Giant Robot before joining forces with Fuzion in 2013, and has enjoyed a career working primarily with campaigning, media & NGO organisations. He is based in Dunedin, is a long-term Drupal contributor and maintains a number of Drupal contrib modules. Drupal.org, Github, Twitter


Gemma Potaka

Gemma recently graduated with maths and physics background and has now set her sites on coding and theming, when she can tear herself away from training to get in the National Canoe Polo team for the World Champs.


Kaylie Potaka

Kaylie is hands-on CiviCRM admin, helping clients negotiate their way to the most efficient options of pushing and pulling data around the system, including through the wonderful Webform-CiviCRM integration.


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